Travel Planning With BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017

Travel Planning With BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017
Travel Planning With BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017

Who doesn't love to travel?? Especially if we can get amazing deal, it can give us a certain satisfaction to be able to travel with lower spending isn't it?

If you follow AnakJajan's instagram stories recently, you might already know that we visited BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017 and got ourselves some great deals. To answer your curiosity about the travel fair, we got the event covered on the blog for you, but before that AnakJajan also want to share some tips for successful hunting at travel fair.

Travel planning always excites me, first of all before making detailed itinerary, the most basic item that we have to get is FLIGHT TICKET, it determines the occurrence of the whole trip. If we can save more money by getting amazing deal of flight ticket at travel fair, why not??

Here are some tips:

Check the travel fair schedule and location. AnakJajan would say the best day to visit travel fair is on the first day to avoid sold out tickets. Pick your destination, so you can save time and focus on finding the ticket for your chosen destination.

Check the travel period that applies, keep in your mind several options of travel date for back up plan, in case your first choice of date is already fully booked, you can easily go to the second option.

Bring all of the required items, for example in BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017, you have to bring your own BCA Credit Card or BCA SIA Infinite/Signature Card along with your ID card.

It has been years since the last time AnakJajan visited Hong Kong, so this year me and Mr. Jajan are planning to go to Hong Kong. As we all know, Hong Kong is one of world's most-visited cities. It's a popular destination both for shopaholic and food lovers.

The classic toast with milk tea from traditional old school eatery, the addictive street food, the cheap shopping, the lively city atmosphere, I miss all of them!!

After many years since my last visit to Hong Kong, there are lots of new and interesting food spots in Hong Kong popping out. I simply cannot wait to explore all the traditional yet modern food together with Mr. Jajan and visiting BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017 was certainly a great decision for us, coz we got our tickets to Hong Kong!!

The base fare was already amazing, IDR 2.8mio for return flights Jakarta - Hong Kong with Singapore Airlines, then we got the IDR 800k cash-back from BCA Credit Card (gonna tell you more about it at the event report below), plus another IDR 300k cash-back promo from Avia Tour with IDR 50k MAP voucher.

It was certainly one of the best travel deals we've ever gotten, imagine return flight Jakarta - Hong Kong with Singapore Airlines with less than IDR 2mio for each person.

Okay, now continue with the event report of BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017 that was held at Main Atrium Gandaria City Mall from 24th to 26th Feb 2017 with lots of amazing promos such as Cash-Back up to IDR 1.5mio with BCA Credit Card, 3x Krisflyer Miles, 0% installment and also amazing flight ticket fare for example IDR 3.5mio (Return) for Japan/ South Korea ticket NETT!!

The Cash-Back promotion at BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017 offers a direct cash-back of IDR 800k for under IDR 5mio ticket or IDR 1.5mio cashback for above IDR 5mio ticket. The first 350 visitors everyday during the travel fair period from 24th to 26th Feb 2017 are eligible for Cash-Back promotion for maximum 2 tickets and the transaction has to be done by cardholders themselves by bringing their BCA Credit Card or BCA SIA Infinite/ Signature Card and ID card.

The travel fair is in collaboration with several major travel agents in town, Avia Tour, Bayu Buana, Dwidaya Tour, Golden Rama, Panorama Tours, Smailing Tour, and Wita Tour. During AnakJajan's visit, the travel fair was fully packed with visitors but everything was well managed and well organized.

The agents were skillful and doing their job promptly so it didn't take too long for customers to queue. Besides the main promo, each travel agent offers different additional promo for example cash-back, shopping vouchers, tour discount voucher, etc.

During the travel fair period, visitors can also get special privileges such as free item or discount for food, beverage, fashion and lifestyle at the participating tenants in Gandaria City simply by showing the ticket or receipt of spending on BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair.

BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair 2017 24th - 26th February 2017 at Gandaria City was an amazing opportunity to plan for the upcoming trip with all of the amazing deals.

The amazing BCA Singapore Airlines Travel Fair will definitely be held again in the future, you can check @goodlifebca and @singaporeairid instagram accounts for more info about the upcoming promos. Let's travel!!